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A.Gold shop, Spitalfields, London - shop and deli

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Welcome to A.Gold

We're open Monday - Friday 10-4pm, weekends 11-5pm.

Welcome to A.Gold. We like to think of ourselves as a village shop in the City where you can buy a sandwich made to order, a cup of slow-brewed Monmouth filter coffee, a bag of traditional sweets and a homemade Scotch egg for later...read more about A.Gold

A.Gold Salad Bar

A.Gold salad bar

Fancy a break from bread? We've introduced a rather special salad bar to the shop. Like our sandwich fillings and hot food, everything is prepared from fresh ingredients each morning in our kitchen upstairs.

You can add the special filling of the day to your salad box or any of the meats, cheeses, smoked salmon, pies or a Scotch egg from the deli cabinet. Alternatively, go light and just have the salad.


A.Gold - Scotch Eggs

Homemade Scotch eggs

Royal grocer Fortnum & Mason claim to have invented Scotch eggs in the 18th Century. From such majestic beginnings they have become a rather nasty supermarket snack food but proper homemade Scotch eggs are a revelation.

We make them fresh every weekday (unless we're making homemade sausage rolls - but that's another story). A free-range boiled egg is encased in seasoned sausage meat, rolled in breadcrumbs and deep-fried. They are satisfying, truly delicious and have a loyal (some might say fanatic) following - we sell dozens a day. Try it cut in half with a dollop of hot English mustard.

If you can't get to the shop, or we've sold out (an all too common occurance), what about making your own? Our recipe is on the Cooking page.

Jensen Gin

A.Gold - Jensen Gin

Two gins distilled and blended in a railway arch in Bermondsey recall the golden era of London gin-making in the late 19th and early 20th century.

Jensen's Bermondsey Dry is a recreation of a lost style of London dry gin. Designed to emulate the gins of the early 20th century, it is a more balanced recipe - less juniper-centric, smooth and rounded - it's perfect for a classic dry martini.

Old Tom is faithful to a 1840's recipe, and unique that it is unsweetened. Rooty, spicy and complex, it's fantastic for cocktails and wonderful gin & tonics. www.bermondseygin.com

London honey

A.Gold - London honey

We have EC2 Postcode honey from Barnes & Webb and King's Cross honey from Urban Bees at the moment.

Follow us on Twitter for our latest honey updates.


Wild Card beers

A.Gold - Jack of Clubs beer - Wild Card Brewery

Three beers from East End brewery Wild Card.

'Jack of Clubs' is a light ruby ale. Malty sweetness gives way to a balanced hoppy bitterness from a blend of American hops. 4.5% alc. vol.

'Queen of Diamonds' is an IPA with a complex citrus flavour and fresh bitter edge. 5% alc. vol.

'King of Hearts' - a light, refreshing and fragrant blonde beer, brewed with lager malts. 4.5% alc. vol.

Wild Card have opened a rather fantastic bar in the industrial unit where they brew. Head over to Walthamstow to hang out at Unit 7, Ravenswood Industrial Estate, Shernhall Street E17 9HQ. www.wildcardbrewery.co.uk

Campbell's Tea

We now have new stock of Campbell's Tea in tins and refill packs.

A.Gold - Campbell's Irish Tea A.Gold - Campbell's Irish Tea

'Beautiful Flavour, Delicious Rich Cup' it says on the tin and we can only agree. A strong but smooth full-bodied blended tea made from loose East African leaves.

A firm favourite, customers buy tins and tins of it, sometimes so much we wonder how they can possibly drink it all.

For those of you who love the tin but love the tea more, we now have the handy refill packs, ideal to top-up your tin with.

A.Gold - Campbell's Irish Tea - refill packs

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A.Gold shop, Spitalfields, London - shop and deli - traditional foods of Britain

Photograph: Ted and Ed outside A.Gold

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Today's specials:

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You can pre-order your sandwiches, salad boxes or hot food and beat the queue. Please phone 020 7247 2487 before 11.30am with your order.

This week, we're cooking:

You can choose the daily special as a sandwich or as a salad box:

Monday special: roast Gressingham duck with tamarind chutney & watercress. Hot food: smoked cod kedgeree with mango chutney.

Tuesday special: homemade lamb & mint burger. Hot food: chicken tagine with couscous.

Wednesday special: roast chicken with herb & onion stuffing. Hot food: chilli con carne with rice and sour cream.

Thursday special: pulled pork, mustard and spicy coleslaw. Hot food: salmon fishcakes with French beans and tartare sauce.

Friday special: honey-roast chicken breast, homemade mayonnaise, rocket. Hot food: cottage pie with minted peas.

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